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Title: Clothesline [drabble/ficlet]
Fandom: Narnia RPF
Characters/Pairings: Rachael Henley/Anne-Marie Duff, mentions of Georgie Henley and James McAvoy
Rating: PG
Warnings: Swearing? Lechery after a married person? lol.
Summary: Rachael can't let go of a woman who was never hers to begin with.
A/N: This I wrote back in November, when I was on a huuuuge Narnia-writing binge. I left in in a notebook (as with so many other bits) and never did anything with it. It's special to me, though. Hence, drabble-age.

Think of this as happening in the same canon as the other Rachael/Anne-Marie drabble/ficlet I wrote a while back.

Oh, and if you didn't know before: Rachael Henley is Georgie's older sister — she played Older Lucy at the end of LWW. Anne-Marie Duff is James McAvoy's wife...James played Tumnus.... I ship James/Georgie, so I also ship this. Just roll with it. :D

MARCH 2013

Rachael tucked her chin under her knees and wrapped her arms around herself, drifting in the world of hopes and excitements. Memories of faces flickered through her mind like polaroid snaps. One face in particular kept returning unbidden.

She's a wife, Rachael had to remind herself. She's James's wife. You can't touch that. Don't go there again.

For something to distract herself, she stood and walked to the kitchen she shared with her sister. Hoping to grab a snack but not really hungry, Rachael drifted toward the refrigerator.

Georgie's half of the unit to decorate — the freezer — was plastered with photos of friends, family, and of course the Narnia gang. Rachael's gaze set on the center of the space by default.

Smiling out at her was Anne-Marie. Georgie had tacked up a photo of herself standing in between the married couple, her arms threaded behind their backs, that big old goofy grin on her face yet again.

For fuck's sake, Rachael thought, and she felt the need to scream. You are following me. Stop it, she thought sternly, glaring at the woman's photo as she walked backwards away from it.

Turning to her right, she leant with her hands on the sink's edge and stared out the window. The thundersoaked day had drenched someone's clothesline across the way, and that's what did it. Sometimes the littlest things are what get to you the most.

"For fuck's sake!" Rachael shouted. Her voice scratched and nearly broke on the last word. The sound reminded her of the DJ at the club she'd gone to the other night, where none of the women had been as beautiful as Anne-Marie — or as unavailable. She had gone home with someone fairly pretty and ended up wimping out at the end. The girl had had to zip her fly right back up just after zipping it down, and yelled after Rachael that she was a tease as Rachael walked out the door.

Rachael heaved a sigh of frustration.

"For fuck's sake," she muttered under her breath.


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