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Fandom: Skins
Subject: Franlo, A.K.A. Alo Creevey/Franky Fitzgerald. Because I ship it. Hard.
Title: Close Your Eyes and I'll Close Mine
Warnings: None.
Notes: I ship almost every ship imaginable in Skins Gen 3, so unlike a lot of fans, there's a big chance I won't be disappointed with the ships the writers choose to make canon in Series 6. But out of every couple on the show, whether canon or fanon, the one I ship above all others, my honest-to-God OTP, is Alo/Franky. They are one of the least shipped as far as I am aware. Hell, Mini and Alo get more love. *feels bitter, shrugs it off* I think Alo and Franky would be adorable together. Therefore, I made this fan mix. I am proud of it.
Also, this is, very predictably, the first and only Alo/Franky fan mix online. I searched. In addition, it might actually be the first and only fanwork of them in existence. IN EXISTENCE. (A simple search says "yes." Deeper digging would probably agree, but who knows? Maybe on some tiny forum in buttfuck nowhere, something else for A/F really has been posted. But I wouldn't bet on it.) Why do I only make fanmixes for under-loved pairings? WHY?
Anyway, on to the mix.

01. ok go - before the earth was round ()
Everything was war, but everyone knew love
And every contradiction was true

02. голландия - дом №2 (gollandiya — dom #2) ()
(I don't speak Russian, so I couldn't choose lyrics from this one.
If you DO, you can read them HERE at the band's website.

03. the beatles - good night ()
Dream sweet dreams for me, dream sweet dreams for you

04. nina simone - tomorrow is my turn ()
Tomorrow is my turn, when my luck is returning
All these years I've been learning to save fingers from burning
Tomorrow is my turn to receive without giving,
Make life worth living, now it's my life I'm living
And my only concern for tomorrow is my turn

05. warrant - train, train ()
Well, train, train
Lord, take me on out of this town
That woman I'm in love with
She's got to go

06. kim lenz & the jaguars - zombie for your love ()
Have you I must, you know I'm just a zombie for your love!
I crave your flesh, you know I'm just a
Zombie for your love

07. neutral milk hotel - ghost ()
I know that she will live for ever
She won't ever die
She goes, and now she knows she'll never be afraid

08. thomas newman - hurricane herman ()
(This song is instrumental.)

09. jasmon - funky flamenco ()
(This song is instrumental.)

10. eurythmics - satellite of love ()
Satellite's gone up to the skies
Things like that drive me
out of my mind
I watched it for a little while
Oh-oh, satellite of love

ETA: Apparently the entire mix got reposted to a Russian Skins fansite (skinstv.ru). I checked and AFAIK it's one of just a few fanmixes reposted to the site. I just find this really odd. The site sources back to this blog's main page, but still. I find this really weird. Their post [HERE] was made just two days after I posted this here.
IDK. I just find it odd. I was just looking for Skins fansites to get photos from (for graphics) when I found the page. Über odd. :/
ETA 2: Alo/Franky's official ship name is now "Franlo".

Cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] fanmix and [livejournal.com profile] skinsfans.
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