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I luvz me a good catalogue. So here's my attempt at making one of my own.

I'm going to list and link to all the fannish things I make right here in one post, excluding the tumblr graphics and fic I post off-site *. It'll be continuously edited as I create more. Wish me luck, homeskillets.



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Okay, so I'm going to post a couple of things that I never posted to LJ before. They're two fics: one is a drabble/mini-ficlet that's pure fluff, and the other is a short, dark-ish oneshot.

They are utterly different from one another, so having them together in one post is
A. Slightly demented, and
B. Only for archival purposes.

Title: Quite Legal
Fandom: Ella Enchanted (movieverse)
Characters/Pairings: Slannen/Ella
Rating: A very fluffly G
Warnings: None.
Summary: We are officially married, thank you very much.
A/N: I had an vague backstory in mind for this, something along the lines of: AU; Ella and Slannen fall in love (while Ella still saves the day, somehow); they get married. So just run with it.

it's legal! )

Title: Unreasonable
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Dean, Luna, Ollivander, Griphook, with a side of Ollivander/Luna. YOU READ THAT RIGHT.
Rating: R
Warnings: The pairing might freak you out. Read with caution. ;D
Summary: In the cellar of Malfoy Manor, Dean's faith in the dignity of others sinks lower.
A/N: I've checked and checked, but as far as I can find, I am the only person to have written a fanfiction for Luna and Ollivander as a pairing, and not just as friends. (Perhaps someone else has written it, but never posted it? I can hope.) This is a big deal for me, especially in a fandom where every pairing imaginable has been written before. So, yeah. I feel proud. :)

Dean stumbles in their endless night. )
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I've become so used to posting frequently lately that not posting feels weird to me now. So here's something I wrote about a week ago.

Title: Lonely
Fandom: Narnia RPF
Characters/Pairings: Anna-centric with hints of Anna/Georgie. Ben, Will P. and Anna's brother Freddie are all included in this.
Rating: G, maybe PG for slight language.
Summary: Anna is having an off week. Or three weeks, to be precise. Everyone else gets the brunt of it.
A/N: This was going to be the beginning of a ridiculously-long multi-chaptered fic, but then I stopped and just didn't know what to write next. I read it over a few days later and decided that I like where it ends. So there you have it. :)
Also, this has a very specific timeline: it takes place from 5 March to 25 March 2013, making Anna twenty-four, Georgie eighteen, and so on....

ETA: AHAH I posted this when I was tired, I had to correct grammar today!

'Are you looking forward to the Annual Needlework Society's Convention?' he asked doubtfully. )

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Guess what happened yesterday? I SPRAINED MY ANKLE. That means I'm laid up in bed and have time to do fannish things. So it's time for a fan mix (my first ever)!

ALSO, APPARENTLY THIS IS A VERY COMMON FAN MIX TITLE, BUT IDGAF. I named it Cosmic Love in my head before I knew it was common, and that's what it's going to remain.

the roof slips beneath my feet / as the branches back away from me )
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I'm going to to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 today!! Therefore, I must post the few icons I've gathered up on my HD in order to get it out of the way. Why? Because you know I'm going to make tons of icons of Harry Potter — and I want to have special HP-only icon post/s. :)

01-07 Chloe Moretz
08-09 Chronicles of Narnia: LWW
10-10 Notting Hill
11-14 Oren Lavie
15-21 Pride & Prejudice (2005)
22-22 Twitches

they'll hide you from big ida at the sho' enough hotel )
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So guess what I did this morning out of nowhere? I WROTE MY FIRST EVER SMUT FIC. O LAWD. *cowers*

I have been wanting to write this pairing for almost an entire year. (Go back to the first icon post and you'll see hints.) Looks like I'm starting with a bit of a bang! *rimshot*

Title: A Job Well Done
Fandom: Pride & Prejudice (2005 adaptation movieverse)
Characters/Pairings: Lizzy Bennet/Charlotte Lucas
Rating: R (Finally! Finally!)
Warnings: If you don't like femslash in your Jane Austen, this ain't your cup of tea.
A/N: This is pretty much PWP. There is no plot or even hints at a plot in this at all.
And as for setting — because where in the hell are two women going to get it on in Regency England?? — I would assume that this story is set when Lizzy is visiting Charlotte shortly after Charlotte and Mr. Collins' marriage. (ooh, drama) That's the only possible place I can imagine these two having even the slightest chance of being alone like this.

You have been warned.... *pets evil cat*

'Don't stop,' Lizzy whispered. )

P.S. Third post in as many days! Whoa, I am on a roll.
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This is so cracked out. I love it, NEGL.

Title: Trynna Catch Me Ridin' Dirty
Fandom: British actor RPF. (If you saw Nanny McPhee, Inkheart, or Nowhere Boy you might recognize the actors, but otherwise you are screwed. I write for some pretty obscure actors sometimes. :/)
Characters/Pairings: Thomas Sangster/Eliza Bennett
Rating: PG
A/N: This story could never have been written without the song Ridin' or a sense of humor. Therefore, for the best reading experience, listen to the song and then come armed with a funny bone.

Rap Mode was imminent. )

P.S. (Thomas Sangster actually does own two houses — according to a fansite, anyway. There isn't a lot known about his personal life, so I have no way of knowing if it's true or not.)
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Somewhere between the last icon post and now, I became a huuuuuge Ben/Georgie stan. Therefore, I must dredge up an old bit of unposted B/G fic from September and post it.

Title: Out of Order
Fandom: Narnia RPF
Characters/Pairings: Ben/Georgie
Rating: PG
A/N: I wrote this before I really felt like I *got* who Will P. was as a character. So he isn't in this. :/

'Yes,' Ben insists, as firmly as he can manage. )

And now to check to two emails that arrived while I was posting this. Until next time....

P.S. I have the tracklisting to the fanmix finished. BUT THAT IS ONLY HALF OF WHAT MUST BE DONE. Album covers, etc etc and *is too lazy to post*.
I...I don't think I'll ever finish it actually. Damn. >:/

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Title: Drabble Meme
Fandom: NARNIA RPF. :D
Characters/Pairings: Georgie/Skandar, Ben/Anna, Will/Skandar, James/Georgie, Skandar/Anna, Georgie/Will P., Anna/Georgie, Ben/Georgie, and Rachael Henley/Anne-Marie Duff!
Rating: As per usual, I go no higher than a very very light T.... :/
A/N: [livejournal.com profile] likecharity did this meme first, so I thought I'd try my hand at it. :B
This exercise made me write sooooo many pairings that I never, ever write or even read (much). It was fun!

Also, I only have eighty-nine songs on my iPod right now, so some artists/albums are repeated. The more you know....
If you want me upload any of these for you, just drop me a line! Otherwise, I think YouTube has most of them.... :/ *is lazy*

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays.
You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble
You start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

This exercise has taught me that I use the word 'face' very, very often. )

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So yeah. This is my biggest icon post ever! Usually I just make a few icons here and there sporadically, but this time I stuck to it and gave myself a goal. WHICH I ACHIEVED! :) *does a little dance*

Also, I may or may not be in the process of making a Ben/Georgie fanmix. *shifty eyes*

though i'm young and cynical, it's not my only crime )


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