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Okay, so I'm going to post a couple of things that I never posted to LJ before. They're two fics: one is a drabble/mini-ficlet that's pure fluff, and the other is a short, dark-ish oneshot.

They are utterly different from one another, so having them together in one post is
A. Slightly demented, and
B. Only for archival purposes.

Title: Quite Legal
Fandom: Ella Enchanted (movieverse)
Characters/Pairings: Slannen/Ella
Rating: A very fluffly G
Warnings: None.
Summary: We are officially married, thank you very much.
A/N: I had an vague backstory in mind for this, something along the lines of: AU; Ella and Slannen fall in love (while Ella still saves the day, somehow); they get married. So just run with it.

it's legal! )

Title: Unreasonable
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Dean, Luna, Ollivander, Griphook, with a side of Ollivander/Luna. YOU READ THAT RIGHT.
Rating: R
Warnings: The pairing might freak you out. Read with caution. ;D
Summary: In the cellar of Malfoy Manor, Dean's faith in the dignity of others sinks lower.
A/N: I've checked and checked, but as far as I can find, I am the only person to have written a fanfiction for Luna and Ollivander as a pairing, and not just as friends. (Perhaps someone else has written it, but never posted it? I can hope.) This is a big deal for me, especially in a fandom where every pairing imaginable has been written before. So, yeah. I feel proud. :)

Dean stumbles in their endless night. )


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