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This is so cracked out. I love it, NEGL.

Title: Trynna Catch Me Ridin' Dirty
Fandom: British actor RPF. (If you saw Nanny McPhee, Inkheart, or Nowhere Boy you might recognize the actors, but otherwise you are screwed. I write for some pretty obscure actors sometimes. :/)
Characters/Pairings: Thomas Sangster/Eliza Bennett
Rating: PG
A/N: This story could never have been written without the song Ridin' or a sense of humor. Therefore, for the best reading experience, listen to the song and then come armed with a funny bone.

Rap Mode was imminent. )

P.S. (Thomas Sangster actually does own two houses — according to a fansite, anyway. There isn't a lot known about his personal life, so I have no way of knowing if it's true or not.)
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I've decided I'm going to use this community for fanfic as well as graphics. The next icon batch is in the works! Here we go:

Title: Dragonflies
Fandom: Inkheart
Characters/Pairings: Meggie/Dustfinger
Rating: Light T
Summary: A short DustMeggie oneshot. I love this pairing and wanted to give them a happy ending without plotting an entire fic — it's pretty vague, sort of a choose-your-own-canon piece. This is futurefic, so while Meggie's age isn't mentioned, she's definitely past the age of consent here.
Movieverse. (i.e. Slightly AU from the series: Roxane, Doria, nothing after the first book exists in this fic.)

I originally posted this to my account at Archive Of Our Own, and you can read it HERE if you want.

Dustfinger looked up the hill and saw the dark, small shape of a girl lying in the grass. )

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